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We only partner with and represent best in class technologies. AIM as your partner will assist your company in selecting technology that is a good technological fit for your needs without the concerns of outlandish costs or obsolescence. If AIM cannot find the solution to your company’s needs, we work with several first class manufactures to design and build a technology solution that meets or exceeds your company’s demands.


Advanced Intelligent Motion (“AIM”)

AIM is comprised of, W8less, Ztelco, and Locbit, along with several other investment banking, engineers, consultants, and technical operations personnel to provide the required technology and connectivity to synchronize humans and machines to create intelligent flow required to be a true “Smart City”.

IIn creating a smart city with the intent of lowering green-house gas emissions and alleviate congestion, we need to consider not just AI, but how to connect humans and machines. Orchestrating flow requires an internet of moving things — an IOT data network offering: (1) Micro-Positioning with less than 10cm of error, (2) Connectivity with less than 10 msec of latency, and (3) Local intelligence to convert the data into efficiency. AIM was formed to accomplish this!  AIM uses patented MicroPNT technology for micro-positioning, microwave transmitters for connectivity, and state of the art technology to integrate systems and software on various platforms, then AI technology to synchronize and analyze the data at the edge,  giving AIM the ability to orchestrate the local San Diego ecosystem, curating intersections in time and space to enable a safer and more efficient environment.

Smart Cities rely on data being collected, distributed and shared in real-time with all relevant stakeholders, from municipalities to businesses and citizens.

AIM can provide the effective technology infrastructure required!.

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