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AIM is primarly focused on the three main areas of technology.

IoT Distribution

AIM’s collective expertise and experience in the IoT Sector ensures the successful execution of an effective regulatory and quality strategy. We work closely with our clients both on-site and remotely to deliver the custom solution they need. The Internet of Things (IoT) is witnessing a growing demand in adaptive architectural frameworks to promote the connection between heterogeneous IoT devices and IoT systems. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the most popular software architecture in IoT that offers loosely coupled systems to leverage IoT services at the middleware layer, and minimize system integration issues. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers a powerful framework for supporting the connectivity, interoperability, and integration in IoT systems. It forms the backbone of present day connected IoT infrastructure. The IoT integration framework benefits from an intelligent API layer that employs an external service assembler, service auditor, service monitor and service router component to coordinate service publishing, subscription, decoupling and service combination within the architecture.

Microfiber Infrastructure – IOT network

For our Southern California projects we have incorporated ZTelco which is a Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) that has over the last 10 year established a network of connectivity across the Southern California with a focused concentration on San Diego. They provide service throughout the region with microwave fiber services utilizing the ZTelco network of microwave receivers. ZTelco's network is comprised of enterprise-grade hardware capable of relaying a fast and reliable internet signal to any rooftop from the closest fiber source, with speeds ranging from 150Mbps to 10+Gbps.

Voice Services and Cellular Offerings

Throughout the USA, ZTelco serves businesses with an innovative unified communication platform called RingPlan. Utilizing the best of VoIP, RingPlan combines various services such as phone, video conferencing, text messaging, digital fax, automation, and more, all on one phone app. As of May 2023 AIM will be offering national cellular services as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (“MVNO”).

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