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AIM is primarly focused on the three main areas of technology.

Award Winning Technologies

We are proud to have David Bruemmer part of AIM. David Bruemmer is founder and CEO of W8less. David has led pioneering robotics and self-driving programs for the Army, Navy, the Department of Energy (DOE), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). David received an R&D100 award for developing the first AI system fielded on military robots. The latest version is now the common brain used on many military vehicles. Other firsts include working on a 100-robot swarm for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and a UAS Swarm (Unmanned Aircraft System- Drones) for the Department of Energy (DOE). He has authored over 60 publications and has been awarded many patents in robotics and positioning.

MicroPNT micro-positioning

MicroPNT micro-positioning technology works in conjunction with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology; technology the U.S. Government developed for defense applications. UWB is one of the fastest growing technologies which has exploded into cellphones and cars enabling a whole new approach to tracking relative motion. By 2025, nearly 33% of smartphones will support UWB, a trend driven by early adopters like Apple and Samsung. UWB Technology started in just a few robots and now offers the potential to scale massively, enabling an interconnected framework of peer-to-peer positioning communication. UWB signals provide high security and reliability. Moreover, its high-bandwidth and low-frequency signals can pass through several obstacles, including walls, providing solutions for industries including automotive, aerospace, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare.

UWB Short-range Wireless

AIM will provide UWB’s short-range wireless communication technology in conjunction with W8less micro-positioning technology to enable extremely precise location tracking. Our technology and UWB-enabled devices will be able to send and receive data across short distances with incredible speed providing the most accurate positioning solutions in real-time for both public and private sector organizations. The lack of accurate positioning is an underlying problem that has hindered the development of smart cities, smart transportation and smart industry. By providing “Perfect Positioning” where it is needed most, our solution is the enabler for safe, adaptive motion.

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